Why dimension changed

why did the dimension change after clipping mask?
here the ceiling should be 0.35m.

sorry 0.70m

You are going to have to give more information on what happened and ideally share a model. Right now there is not enough for someone to guess what happened.

I did a clipping mask then I couldn’t measure the depth of the ceiling correctly. see the screenshot.

It looks like LO may be measuring at real world scale (1:1) but it’s difficult to tell with only 2 decimal places. This can happen when LO does not recognize that it is measuring something inside the viewport which is likely a different scale. Often, that happens when you haven’t quite selected an actual point within the SU drawing.

As Simon suggests, it’s like one end of your dimension isn’t anchored on the model. Upload the LO file so we can see exactly what the problem is.

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