Why can't I make that shape into a component?

RH Hexagon Feb 22.skp (198.5 KB)
Make Upper Beam into a Component
I have a hexagon that is a component. I’ve drawn 2 shapes in the centre of it. I can make one of them into a component. I can’t make the other one into a component.

Why not?

Probably one of a few reasons… primarily because there is no face there to select when you try to pick it?

I know you do not want to hear this, but this is the kind of stuff that is covered on campus (learn.sketchup.com). You have some strange grouping happening and geometry lapping on top of itself that would be SO much simpler if you were to slow down, follow some basic training and model cleanly. Your model again and again shows what look like someone trying to clean up messy geometry rather than starting from scratch and modeling one step at a time.

Not slinging mud here! I genuinely want you to learn what you ar trying to do so you can model cleanly!


Please listen to @TheOnlyAaron

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Hi Peter,

I see a couple little things that may be causing trouble.

It looks like the Hexagon Face component has some crooked geometry that was supposed to be part of the beam:

Then the geometry of the beams is redundant. The Lower Beam seems to be what you intended but the loose geometry for the Upper Beam still includes what should have been in the Lower Beam.

The way all of this geometry overlaps seems like the hard way to do things. When you turn off the visibility of a beam component, nothing of it should still be visible. Keep it simple and only have one representation of each part you are making.

Maybe share some work from the tutorials so everyone here can be on the same page if you run into any issues?

I have to say your persistence is admirable!