Why can't I draw a 51ft line on a3 paper

I know that a3 paper is like 22 inches but I can’t get the scale to work so that I can draw a line equivalent to 51 feet. I do get some feedback in terms of length but that simply refers to the actual length of the line on a3 paper not the real line size of the actual house in person. I have never used Imperial or LayOut. I’ve just wasted an hour my time now, please help me.

A2 Paper size. Drawing scaled to 1:48. Other scales are available or you can create your own custom scales.

Draw in SketchUp. Create scenes of needed views. Send to LayOut. Create scaled viewports as needed.

@sebtacular, I truly am not trying to sound flippant, but the reason you can’t is because LayOut handles objects drawn in LayOut as their printed size, so you have to make the scale calculations if you want to draw 2d directly in layout. So the reason you can’t draw a line 51 feet is because A3 paper isn’t that big. Once you calculate the scale, you also have to make sure the dimension tool is set to the same scale. For instance, in the 1:48 scale, the 51’ line would be 51*12/48=12 3/4 inches.

As @DaveR mentions, even if you just want 2d drawings in layout, you are better off drawing in SketchUp, then using the viewports to create the scale you want and dimensioning them in LayOut. You can set the scale using the “SketchUp Model” pallet. That is ultimately how the programs are designed to be used.

I only draw in LayOut if the drawing is going to be truly simple, and I’m using a scale that I can calculate in my head (which pretty much eliminates anything beyond 1:12 or 1:24).

The flip side is that once you have things drawn at their real size in SketchUp, you can take as many section cuts and perspectives and details as you want from the one model, saving huge amounts of time.