Why are models disappearing?

I’ve been working on this model for some time. It’s the sections of a house I’m designing. Sketchup closed itself and when I came back to the computer and realized it, I re-opened it and it said, there is a newer version available. Regardless, I’ve lost the ability to see my work.MH Sections 7.4.2019 for windows.skp (5.7 MB)

I restarted my computer it I can see the model now. Hmmm…?

Perhaps it’s a graphics card issue that resolved itself after rebooting.

thanks Dave. I use a Surface Book with at monitor when at my home office and just the Surface Book when on my construction sites and asking the computer to understand which display it needs to show I can only assume is very difficult. I need to remember the re-boot option before I post a problem. Thanks again.

Adding a display and removing it can cause issues. I’m guessing you have an integrate Intel HD graphics card in your Surface and they aren’t the greatest at supporting OpenGL and not recommended.

Some Surface Books have a dedicated GPU in the keyboard. When you use the screen in tablet mode, it only uses the integrated GPU.