Why Are Forums HTTP Instead of HTTPS?

It’s about time, no?

Disclaimer: I know almost nothing about Discourse (the software that drives this forum), nor am I currently interested in taking the time to give a definitive answer.

That being said, since Discourse is the software that drives the forum, I’m betting it comes down to one of two possibilities:

  1. Discourse offers forced HTTPS as an option, but Trimble has not enabled it or
  2. Discourse doesn’t offer it (yet).

I hope people more knowledgeable can tell you which of the above is, in fact, the case.

If #1 is the case, then discussion should ensue here as to the advisability of enabling the option.
If #2 is the case, then the question is best addressed in the Discourse Forums

(added later:)
I needed a mental break from my other work, so decided to look at this briefly. Here’s what I found:

  1. Discourse has an option to force https connections. Evidence: The Discourse Forum itself forces https! (See the link in the struck through possibility #2 above). I created the link with http, but it opens as https! For you nitpickers out there, yes, I am assuming that Discourse’s forum uses Discourse.

  2. That option is NOT enabled in the Discourse installation which hosts our discussions. Evidence: I tried explicitly connecting to our forum with https and it failed without even a redirect to the http version!

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