Why 3D Warehouse Model style isn't the same as pictured?

Hi! When I import the model from the 3D warehouse to my working project file black outlines appears, but when I import it to a new file it appears correctly.

I tried to change the style, but it doesn’t work. Anyone know how to resolve this? Thank you!

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This is how it’s suppose to appear.

But that’s how it appears in my project:

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If you insert the compont into your existing file, the component will be displayed with your current style. If you downlad the component and open it on its own, it will show with the style the author had selected when they uploaded it.

Share your .skp file showing the bed so we can see better what you’ve got.

Hi Dave,

Yes this is exactly what is happening, I tried to select the same style as the autor, but it didn’t change.
Here’s my file:
Tiny house2.skp (12.0 MB)

View>Edge Style>Profiles ?

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YES! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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I got called away with a student. Looks like Riley got you sorted out.

FWIW, if this bed is part of a larger model. you might want to go through it and give it a bit of a trim. 12 Mb for just a bed seems a bit excessive unless it’s your entire project.

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Thanks for your tip! I’m a newbie, so I don’t know what do you mean by trimming? How can I do that?

Before importing the 3D model in my file, I purge the unused elements, but I guess it wasn’t enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Purging unused elements is a good thing but you should also look at some of the used dteail. For example the headboard on this bed accounts for about 43% of the entire file size. It’s a creazy amount of geometry for what it is; especially considering that most of it is hidden by the pillows. You could replace it with a single face and a texture which would greatly help to reduce the file size.

Okay, I understand! Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate.