Who was it?

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Can’t say for sure which model, but definitely one of these from Desker.

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Too bad hardly any of these models are usable for architectural design :confused: . Through in 20 3MB chairs when modeling an office space and SketchUp’s performance drops through the floor. Models need to be bout a tenth of the size to be usable when designing (rendering may require this high level of detail though).

… or nested, with both high-details and low-details component inside one. On different layers.

It’s not only a question of architecture design. In my work 3D Warehouse is rarely useful as well, as most models are either poorly done, or way too detailed/big. (or just an import from another packages)

So it is good that there is a 3D Warehouse. With lots of models. Which are rarely suitable for use in big models.


One really simple setup is to have a 2D graphic of the 3D object (Layer) within the component.
Use the 2D grapic representation in LayOut or Plan view in SketchUp, then for presentation, use the 3D object Layer…

Have a look at this Webinar:

Hi, Jack!
Yes, this is exactly what I started to do about 2 years ago. Although with 3 nested components:

  1. 2D shape
  2. 3D block (just a block/cube, lowest details possible. For massing)
  3. 3D detailed

All sub-components on respective layers.

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