Who else has experienced horrible customer support with Sketchup Pro?

I recently purchased Sketchup Pro to draw a set of blueprints for a house i am going to build. I bought the pro version so I had tech support, but I don’t have a phone number to call. I’ve emailed and tried calling various Sketchup phone numbers but I’m not getting any help. I’ve spent way too much time searching for how to get technical support. I’ve been reading various tips and instructions on how to get my blueprints to print to scale. I’ve done everything and it’s still not printing to scale. The print shop at Office Depot said it sounded like a problem with the software. It’s extremely frustrating when Sketchup advertises they have tech support if you buy the Pro version of the program, yet there is no support to be found. Seems pretty sketchy to me.

You could ask here. There are lots of folks who would be happy to help you. Share your LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got and we can help you get it sorted.

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If you are trying to manage without using the LayOut application included with SketchUp Pro, printing to scale works like this:

  1. Select a standard view (Top for a plan view)
  2. Select Parallel Projection from the Camera menu
  3. In the Print dialog, set the appropriate scale values.

SketchUp printouts are usually not usable as such for planning applications etc. Dimensioning, titleblocks etc. are much easier to do after sending your model to LayOut. After steps 1. and 2.like above, save your view as a scene and send it to LayOut and set the view scale there.

SketchUp technical support can be accessed by filling the forms on their webpage. Support, I understand, deals mainly with technical matters and problems running the applications. Training is provided through the Learning center at https://learn.sketchup.com/ . The user community here is happy to help you with using the applications.


I’m glad to have help. I’m going to try to upload the file. Hope it goes okay.

This seems to be the support page: https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact-support

I think most companies are moving away from phone support as it requires both people to be available at the same time, while written support requests can easily be handled asynchronously and sequentially, and allows the support capacity to be dimensioned after the average demand rather than peak demand.

All this said, as Dave says the forum is always happy to help. Unless you specifically need help from SU staff to e.g. release a license from a discarded computer or some other task only they can carry out, I’d recommend to start here.

Draw blueprints…hilarious. :grinning:

To think of it, yes. I HAVE seen blueprints! They were an early type of photocopy where you put a traced drawing on top of a photosensitive paper in a frame and went out with it to expose it in the sun. The result was a negative image with white lines on a blue background. I don’t know it to have been used for about 80 years, the ones I have seen were from the 1910s and 1920s.

So no one has ever drawn blueprints, except in the beautiful science fiction dystopia called “A Canticle for Leibowitz” by Walter M. Miller (1959)

I think blueprints have come to mean drawings.

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@eneroth3 of course. Just a bit of fun.

Glad you think blueprints is hilarious. FYI, Office Depot has “Blueprints” listed in their print services. For those who have offered positive suggestions and have expressed a willingness to help, thank you! My wife found a back door way to speak to an actual person at Sketchup. He kinda went over some basics on how Sketchup is handled. He told me I should have received an email about those things. I told him I didn’t receive the email, and he said they were probably overloaded and it was missed. He then emailed some links for me that led me to what I needed to do. Even though I had my print to scale settings in Sketchup when I transferred it to Layout, nowhere did I read anything about having to set specific settings in Layout under the Sketchup Model tab in order to print to scale. The link I was sent helped me figure that piece out. Previously I used the Scaled Drawing tab, which was shown to me on other info I found.