Whitelist our school

can you please add our school to the whitelist - we are a private in Orlando FL. Our domain is lhps.org and we have G Suite

We have used this for 3 years now and never had any issues. I hope you can get us back up and running.

Steve_Ketchup can you please whitelist our school

@gdettman I’ve approved your domain on our end, however I’m not sure why your school would have suddenly lost access if you were previously able to log in.

Please double check that your educators are using SketchUp for Schools instead of SketchUp Free

Educators are often unaware of the difference however there are several important differences. SketchUp for Schools has curriculum and tools specifically designed for K-12 classrooms and is COPPA compliant. SketchUp Free is designed for the general public and does not explicitly comply with student data privacy laws.

We checked Google and confirmed that we have installed “SketchUp for Schools” as seen in this screenshot.


We are still having the same problem. Let us know of anything else to check.


We are still not able to login - simply loops back to login screen. Do you have other suggestions to help us troubleshoot?