While exporting a field 50% crash

Hello, There is a topology map of a field (.dwg format), I ve import it to Sketch Up then i create a surface on it but there is too much entities and boundries the file which i trying to export to .3ds format is always crashing while it is 50% of proccess i can’t attach the file because it is far bigger than limits but can somebody help me about the thing that i can do? You can see the pictures about the content

Any reason for the .3ds format? What is the final goal?
How many entities (edges and faces) does the mesh you are trying to export have? Have you tried to reduce their number?

I am exporting to use in a program which is PvSyst. There is 309686 Entities. I’ve tried to reduce but it makes the terrain non realistic at least i want to keep the form but the plugins like Simplify Contours cracks the stability of the field. There is an image about after Simplified Contours extension with %1 deg.

You could also try DAE, but before that try to reduce the number of edges of each level curve/contour.

Also, you can try to create the terrain with Fredo TopoShaper instead of Sandbox.

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You are probably running into the 3DS format maximum polygon limit that is 65,536. The format is truly ancient, from the days of DOS computers, released 1990.

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Unfortunately after a couple try i found it that DAE format is not working properly i can not importing the file.

Did you create a less detailed mesh?

Write to PvSyst and tell them that you cannot import DAE files.