Which way should I use the s_cale and t_scale in?

I get these parameters from the function that named SUTextureGetDimensions.
Now , the texture coord is bigger than 1.0.
I noticed that this function , because I deal the material that from group or component_instance and the file of this function said that " Then you want use these values to multiply the result of SUMeshHelperGetFrontSTQCoords or SUUVhelperGetFrontUVQ".
But when I’m not clearly know how to deal these parameters.
I have tried just mutiply them like “uvq.u * s_scale * t_scale” , the result is better ,but it’s not ok.
Thank you .

I would think that s_scale would be applied to uvq.u, and t_scale would be applied to uvq.v.

u = uvq.u * s_scale;
v = uvq.v * t_scale;


Thank you .
I have tried it yesterday , like “tc->push_back(osg::Vec2(uvq.u * s_scale, uvq.v * t_scale));”.
But I find it is not ok .
Bacause the coords I get are 26.64… and 36.17…(a sample) , I think they are too big.
The s_scale and t_scale are 0.508… .
Thank you.