Which SketchUp products do you use on a weekly basis?

I’m curious, out of all of the different SketchUp products available, which ones do you find yourself using at least once per week? Multiple choice, choose all that apply.

  • SketchUp Pro 2020
  • LayOut 2020
  • SketchUp Pro (Older Versions)
  • LayOut (Older Versions)
  • SketchUp Free
  • SketchUp Shop
  • SketchUp Make (2017 or older)
  • Sefaria
  • SketchUp Viewer for Desktop
  • SketchUp Viewer Mobile app (Free version)
  • SketchUp Viewer AR feature
  • SketchUp Viewer for Hololens
  • Style Builder
  • Trimble Connect (Either the extension, or the web platform)

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Dang I forgot the desktop VR viewer for Vive/Rift, etc. Heart this comment if you use it!

By implication, wouldn’t Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse be SketchUp products as well?


Yes, I was going to include them, but I was more interested in which software people use. The warehouses are just repositories of models and extensions, not software really.

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There are weeks I don’t use LayOut but I had to include it because it is part of my work as much as SketchUp, and I am always using the out put or setting up scenes for it. I just don’t need to be actually working in LayOut every week.

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I’m similar to @pbacot with Layout. I have Pro 2020, just haven’t made it the everyday driver yet. I don’t see SketchUp for Schools there.

Could SketchUp version 6 possibly also be included? Some users are advising people with queries to save their files back to V6 to be able to get help, even though they are using SU2017Make themselves, because apparently so many people are still using V6…

Yeah I guess I should’ve distinguished between SketchUp Free and SketchUp for Schools. Aren’t they essentially the same thing, only Schools has a back-end management integration with G Suite? Unfortunately I’m not able to edit a poll after the first 5 minutes.

I am seeing a trend here, it seem that the majority of the voters seem to be on paid software.
What if the poll were to be pinned to catch those using the eyes of those that usually do not come here?

I thought so too, but checking recently, I noticed, SU for Schools and print to scale while Free does not. On the other hand, Shop has an outliner, I think, (I can’t check) but SU for Schools does not. It would be nice to see a feature matrix for all the versions vs. all the features.

The trend is more people pick the first choice on the list then the second and fewer people like choices further down the list. :thinking: