Which render?

Hi, I am using V Ray for rendering, but I think that is not enought for me. I mean I Saw a LOT of visualisations Which are more realistic than V Ray Can do. Is here someone who is using something else for rendering? Thank you

For me V-ray is quite realistic enough, and I think that good looking results are more about skill in modelling, texturing and lighting than using a particular rendering engine. I know of no renderers that give an ultra-photorealistic result at the push of a button.
Enscape and Twinmotion are two “push a button” realtime renderers that give usable results fast, but as they are game engine based, the quality is a bit below what a skillful person can achieve in V-Ray. For us not so skillful ones, it is mostly enough.
Maxwell render might be the most “photorealistic” of renderers but it is not as easy to use as V-Ray and much, much slower.


Apart from skills in modeling, texturing and lighting, Anssi mentioned, the biggest gap between average and professional renders comes in image post-processing. Its how you balance all the tones, colors, contrast and the camera composition you use. V-ray gives all the necessary tools to help with this.
I’d suggest looking at sites like Tutorials - 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Blog that gives very in depth tutorial in for creating architectural renders from both technical and artistic perspective.


Agree with what’s been said so far. Want to reiterate the comments by Speaker hit the mark about post processing. It would be worth while to search for videos by pro photographers that specialize in shooting houses. You’d be surprised by the level of post pro they do and a lot can be learned that transfers to 3D visuals.

Out of the common SketchUp renderers, you can’t beat V-Ray for realism.
Whatever you choose , they all need work and effort and artistry to get them looking amazing.

If you post your renderings and process to this forum, we all can help you with feedback on how to improve your V-Ray renderings. As the others have said already, V-Ray is a true ray tracer - which means it is the best in the industry for realism once you master model geometry detail, PBR materials and lighting.