Which program is right for me?


I’m a long term Sketchup user and I still use it for making hobby models of my house, stuff I want to build like dog houses, stairs,etc. , however I’d like to use another program for a lot more detailed models that I could sell, make higher poly game assets and so on…and most importantly, it should be free, not free as in a education only version like 3ds max, but totally free, like Blender, Wings3d and so on.

For now I only tried Blender, but as a Sketchup user I just can’t get over the fact that it doesn’t have a basic thing like the line tool, but instead you have to use loop cutting or subdivision and even then you won’t get Sketchup’s precision. Blender does have a knife tool, which serves the same purpose as the line tool, but it neither shows length, nor does it snap anywhere other than middle of a edge and end of an edge, so it’s almost useless.

There is a addon for Blender called Snap utillies that supposedly turns the knife tool a lot more into the line tool, but you have to pay for it and since I’m a 21 year old from east Europe that doesn’t have a credit card, that’s not really a option for me for now.

Wings 3d seems ok’ish, don’t know if it has a line tool, but I keep reading about how it is mostly for low poly models and I don’t want that, I want something like Blender, but that is easier for a Sketchup user to use, something that has at least a simple thing like the line tool, with which I do 70% of my Sketchup models, so if anyone has any ideas, it would be much apreciated.



Does it costs 18$?

I’d like to know the answer before saying something wrong.

Edited to add this question: how much money do you expect to earn with your sellings?


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