Which GPU to buy

Guys, please help. I can’t decide which GPU to buy for 3d rendering
1050 Ti
Or K2200

Here are the full specs of PCs

  1. Lenovo Workstation
    CPU: xeon e5-1620 v3
    RAM 32gb
    SSD only
    GPU: Nvidia K2200

  2. Dell optiplex
    Intel core i5 4th gen
    RAM 8gb
    SSD + HDD
    GPU: 1050 Ti

Price difference is only 20€,
I’m using Sketchup for enterior design and 3d rendering

Thanks for answer

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Wow… 32 vs 8 GB of RAM is a huge deal… I would not plan on running SketchUp or rendering anything with less than 16 GB or RAM.


I’d prefer the 1050 TI over the K2200 but as Aaron says, the 8Gb of Ram isn’t enough.

I assume you are planning to use this with SketchUp Pro. Is that right?


Thank you for your time.
Yes its sketchup pro. @DaveR

@TheOnlyAaron I’m already runing SU on my laptop with 8gb RAM, i5 3rd gen, and integrated Intel HD. I can post a Photo of render if you are interested to see it.

In this case, I know that 32gb ram is huge difference, but Lenovo cost 20€ more, and I think that I can add up 8gb more of ram on Dell for about 30-40€.
What do you think?

Thank you both

Are these refurbished machines? Current Intel processors are 12th generation. You don’t give the actual processor model of the Dell. The single-thread performance of the oldish (introduced 2014) Xeon is somewhat lackluster and the fastest of the i5 4gen is in the same range

Are you adding the GPU yourself to these machines? Make sure that the power supply can cope.

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Please correct your profile. That information helps us help you.

I did it, thanks

I’m not sure if they are refurbished, but definitely they are not brand new.
I’m not adding gpu by myself, they are already built up. Dell’s price is 350€, and Lenovo is 369€.
As they are, wich one is better for furniture design?

@Anssi I sent a message to a seller about exact model of Dell’s processor, I hope they will answer soon

I have heard rumours the RTX card prices are going to drop after September as bitcoin mining is going to be become significantly less attractive flooding the market with cards…

There are no significant difference between any Intel core i5 4th and xeon e5-1620 v3. Also, you will not get so much performance upgrade related to your current i5 3rd gen.

Sure both above mentioned GPU are much better than you have in your current setup (I guess Intel HD Graphics 2500 is the integrated graphic in i5 3rd gen).

With the 1050 TI you will get ~50-80% more performance over the K2200.

Anyway buying a ~8 years old technology - often called as “stone age” - of computers must be very much “guide by” the budget reason. It is similar as you would buy a VW Golf 4. Could be good enough for your needs.


@dezmo Thank you a lot, you helped me. In that case I will look for i7 gen4 with 1050-Ti 4gb or 1060GTX 6gb.

@Anssi its i5-4590

What rendering software were you planning to use? Some don’t use the GPU at all and others use it lots.

Lenovo has a CPU that SketchUp will slightly prefer , but whether you will feel the differerence is debatable and maybe more RAM than you will be likely to need.
I guess as it is an overally older machine, the larger pool of RAM is likely to be a older/slower type.

The Dell doesn’t have enough RAM , but has a CPU that will be better suited to rendering and a better GPU - V-Ray can take advantage of that.

Betwen the 2, I think that Dell is probably the safer bet.
RAM is very easy to upgrade - it might be worth asking if they can fit some more into that the Dell unit :16GB is a more sensible starting point.

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@Elmtec-Adam Now I’m using Rayelectron, I didnt try others since I’m looking for new pc to try on it.
I’m too thinking about Dell and adding some more Ram on it. I think that could be better option, but i dont have much experience, so that’s why I’m looking for opinion from others .

Thank you for your time

My experience with Dell will always lead me to this recommendation….don’t do it.

The way my machines were put together was a complete mess. Both desktops and laptops had severe overheating issues. Maybe they’ve gotten better, but I couldn’t recommend them any farther than I could toss them.

I don’t really know, I don’t have experience with Dell so thank you for reply