Where to find a recently installed extension in MAKE 2017 (not FREE)


Just installed the extension QuadFace. In Extension Manager it appears as ENABLED, but still I can not find it on the SU surface to actually use it.

Should it not load automatically to the surface?

  • SU restarted?
  • menu “Extensions”?
  • recent TT_Lib² installed?
  • right-click?


The menu entry is in Tools and you can turn on the toolbar in View>Tool palettes.


Neither of it i can find.
wanted to share screenshot, but “new members only can share 1 file”

  • yes
  • there is no “plugins” in the menu (SketchUp MAKE)
    -yes (see screenshot)
  • right click on what?

thanks for full sentences


You said yes, but just to confirm: for some extensions, you must quit SketchUp altogether and then restart it before they become available even if they show as installed in the Extension Manager.

The Plugins menu item was renamed to “Extensions”. But DaveR is correct that QuadFace Tools puts its submenu into the “Tools” menu instead.

The Toolbar should be available for enabling via View->Tool Palettes->QuadFace Tools. Due to the sloppy way SketchUp toolbars are managed on the Mac, it is possible it is viewed but hiding behind another toolbar.

The right-click context menu is a choice in the QuadFace Tools preference (way down its own submenu, not in SketchUp preferences) and won’t appear unless that preference is checked.


thanks slbaumgartner
now it makes sense. it runs now, since a reboot… never mind. probably I had another session running.

But now I don’t get why checking the context menu makes a difference?

thanks for your clear expressions, I appreciate!


An extension must decide whether to add items to the right-click (aka context) menu, usually on-the-fly based on whether the right-click is atop some kind of geometry that the extension can manipulate. In the case of the QuadFace Tools, there is a long list of operations supported, making the menu quite large. Rather than always cluttering up the right-click with all those options, the author (ThomThom) gave you a choice of whether you want to see them. You set that choice by means of the preference item in the Tools->QuadFace Tools menu.