Where to download latest XP compatible version of Sketchup?

Where can I download the latest Sketchup version, compatoble with Windows XP 32 bit?

Have a look at this topic…

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I Have a laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS. I tried downloading version 2017 but it will not work.

Is there a version available that will work on this computer?

If so, is there a TRUSTED site I can d/l it from?

Thank you.


The latest version you can use is SketchUp 2014.

The post with links is given in Geo’s post above.

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Thank you DanRathbun. I found a link and downloaded V 14.1.1282 and started the lessons. So far, so good.

However, I do not have a License. And, when I went to Trimble, Inc. 1. I could not find out how to purchase one (save for 2017 version) and, 2. The price was $695.

I cannot afford seven hundred dollars to play with this program. I thought there was a ‘free’ license version for non-commercial users.

Is there?

SketchUp 2014 (both Make and Pro) are now unsupported.
Trimble does not sell licenses for unsupported versions, nor support any installs on Windows Vista and earlier, and OSX Lion and earlier. (This changes with each release.)

Make costs nothing and is licensed for non-commercial use, but will start with a 30 day trial of Pro features switched on. After the trial those features will switch off, and it will revert to Make.

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