Where is COMPNT SAVE, on Win 10, SUv.17?

… in menu WIN > only Compnt Edit ?

You are doing it again !
What is wrong with “Component” ?
They don’t charge by word length !
Let’s assume that’s what “COMPNT” means…
And it’s WINdow…

If you want to use “Save_as” for a particular component definition - externally from your model - then either use the context-menu on a selected instance, or you can also do it from the Component-Browser > Model dialog

Much of this is basic SketchUp 101 - have you viewed any of the help videos ?


Thank you, for the SU Info!

At first I thought it was an SMS (short message service). :slight_smile:

But with 041 characters!

Why are you leaving out so many words and characters? It makes it very difficult to understand anything.

@gripwin is determined to disadvantage himself by communicating poorly.
If English is not his first language then Google Translate could easily take his locale’s text. menu items etc and give us a fighting chance to help…
As it is he seems determined to use as few vowels as possible, sometimes making what he writes almost impossible to read…
I can’t believe he communicates with everyone like this !
If he does, then he must have an ever decreasing circle of friends, and minimal success in his daily life…
In this case it was a simple question, which had it been expressed sensibly could be quickly resolved…


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