Where did the "Used in" feature go?



Not so long ago, on a model’s page on the 3D Warehouse there was a section sort of like the 'Related Collections" one that would show what models contained that component on the 3D Warehouse. Does anyone know why or when this feature dissappeared ? I thought it was really neat to be able to see who used my models and how they used them.


“Used in” didn’t really go anywhere, it is the whole (previous version of) 3D Warehouse that went. 3D Warehouse has been completely redeveloped and redesigned. The tracking of component usage was closely related to credits.

I assume like with credits, they noticed it was not used very much (except by you) and not an essential feature worth enough to restore. Of course every feature has some useful aspect, but consider it as a tradeoff between priorities of new features that benefit even more users and development resources (for maintaining a feature) and simplicity of the user interface.


I guess it would make sense if analytics showed that the feature wasn’t used overly for its inclusion to be absent. I create small-scale low-poly nonfunctional models to be used as scenery in larger scale models or for floor plans, so for me it was a feature that i was interested in. Of course, it’s difficult for me to get a general idea of what the community as a whole has as its more commonplace applications as well as prerogatives.


Off course ‘Used in’ only showed usage in uploaded models, the downloads are probably much higher and that usage is ‘lost’ anyways. (Unless you recognize it somewhere in a rendered prospect of some real estate broker)

I guess they’re the remains of Google’s intention to 3D Model the world with (unpaid) modelers.

If not exploded, credits should remain yours, making it possible to write a ‘searchbot’ to download and analyse all models of the 3D Warehouse.

@Aerilius ?