Where can I find toposhaper free version?

I can’t find a place to download TOPOSHAPER and several other extensions without going and becoming member of https://sketchucation.com/

Is that the only way to download extensions. I thought all extensions were available on sketchup.

It is free to join Sketchucation.

Evidently you missed the button at the top of the page under “Want to register a free account?”

There is no free version of TopoShaper. Also pay attention to the requirements. You must have the current version of LibFredo6 and the Sketchucation Extension Store tool installed. Install the Sketchucation Extension Store and use it to install LibFredo6 and then TopoShaper.

Screenshot - 2_11_2024 , 7_50_48 PM

No. That’s not the case. Some extension authors choose to use Sketchucation to host their extensions or they host them on their own sites.

There are some extensions that aren’t available on the sketchucation store or the sketchup extension warehouse, for example Curic’s plug-ins are available only in Gumroad.

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Thank you everyone.