Where are the rulers


Hello. I have downloaded and installed SUMake and on trying to use the program I see no rulers. are the rulers hidden or am I missing something?


What rulers? I’ve never seen any rulers. They aren’t needed.

There is a Tape Measure tool if that helps.


Everything is drawn 1:1, dimensions are typed in and existing geometry creates temporary guides for every placement.

If you say what you need rulers for, there will be multiple alternatives that fulfill the same function.


My wife and I just purchased an a huge old house and I am trying to sketch
out my house with interior walls in order to run new electrical wires and
get rid of the old knob and tube. there are three floors and a full
basement. I do not want to tear up any walls or ceiling if I don’t have to.
I am trying to drill down from the attic and up from the basement to run
wires. a tape measure and rulers are my only resource.


You should take some time to go through the tutorial videos on the SketchUp site. I think they’ll help to clarify how SketchUp works.


Sketchup doesn’t use Rulers in the same way as other programs. It has a built in inference system that allows you to simply type the size you want. You can also check the measurement with the tape measure or put dimensions on the model and you can read sizes in the Entity info box.

To draw a line, click and release to begin the line and move in the direction you want to go, then without clicking anywhere else, take your hand off the mouse and type the length you want and hit enter. You will see the length appear in the measurement window bottom right.

To draw a rectangle, click and release to start, move in the direction you want and type the two dimensions separated by a comma and hit enter.

This is a basic fundamental of SU and works with all tools.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest you look at some getting started videos.


Excellent! Thank You for your fast response. This should work great.


To draw rooms from a survey, there are two main ways to do it (and a million other ways too):

  • Start where you did with the tape measure: click, move the mouse in a direction (the mouse should be sticky to one of the axis) and type in the length of that wall, hit [return], move the mouse in the direction you took the next measurement, type in the dimension, hit [return] and continue until you’ve gone round the room. It should enclose the room and form a ‘floor’. Do this for all the rooms.

  • Work out the over-all width and depth of a room (ignoring alcoves, doors, etc) and use the rectangle to draw a box that size. Draw more boxes to add or subtract bits from the room (fireplaces, etc.)

There are other tools that will help you like the ‘offset’ - select two or more lines and drag away, type in a value and the lines off-set in that direction.

Once you have a floor plan, you can use the “push/pull” to form internal rooms, either by pulling the floors up to the ceiling or by pulling the walls up by that amount. (You could also just draw one room and then use the push/pull to “grow” other rooms (tapping [ctrl] will copy a face rather than move it.) Windows & doors you generally add in after you have the room shape.

Personally I would form a group for each floor and assign them to a layer to turn on/off as I moved up the building