Where are my projects? Blank dashboard

Hi, I’m using the free version. From today on my dashboard I no longer have my two projects. I have a blank dashboard as if I were logging in for the first time. What happened? What should I do? Please don’t tell me I lost all my job !! My support center said I can’t ask for product support for free. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

Clear your temporary internet files and then try logging in through Trimble Connect making sure you use the correct e-mail address. Most often when this sort of thing is reported the problem stems from the user signing in with a different e-mail address than the one they were using before.

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. I had already cleaned (unsuccessfully) cache, temporary files and history and I only have one account. Last night, without any action on my part, the projects reappeared. There was probably some problem with Trimble connect. Thanks again. Greetings.

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