Where are all the materials?

I am new here but I have used Sketchup web (free) a few times a couple of months ago.
Today I am drawing a new project and when I opened the materials tab, only a few solid colors were showing… no more different texture or materials (such as glass, wood, aluminium… I used in previous projects).
I tried to search posts on the subject but can not find any help.
How do I get the basic materials/textures that were there before?

Hi @PaulGodard
there’s a button to the right of the “House” icon, that shows the rest of the materials.
Seems like the house icon only shows the materials already in the model.
Image 2022-10-11 at 12.16.39 PM

Thank you Fredy

Either I am getting old or something was not working yesterday as I clicked several times on that button but nothing was happening. Thank you.



Is the “AI” , the computers are laughing at our expense with their practical jokes

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