When some changes are made in preferences the application (sketchup 2023) gets crashed

Whenever I try to change the shortcut keys (Windows - Preferences) my sketchup 2023 application gets crashed. Not only that, but any changes also made in the preferences lead to the same result. Kindly do the needful. I’m using Windows 11

Crash #545446

@colin may be able to look at the BugSplat and tell you what is wrong.

As a starting point, did you install SketchUp correctly by right-clicking the installer exe and choosing “run as administrator” from the menu? That action gets higher privileges than simply being an administrator when you run the installer. All sorts of peculiar errors can occur if SketchUp was not installed that way.

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I would suggest rebooting if you have run SketchUp this session, then rerun the installer (as Administrator) and choose the Repair option. Lastly reboot again and retry using a blank template model.

Thank you, got my problem solved.