When registering, says enter afore-mentioned characters, but the content is blank - so how do I register !?

Seems to be a bug in the captcha. What happens if you press the update button next to it?

Side note: SketchUp requires users to come up with bad passwords here. If you sign in using Google you are allowed to have a good password instead.

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Can you check whether your browser has an ad-blocker that has rejected loading the captcha image? If so, then disable the ad-blocker temporarily.
Or maybe for some other reason (network timeout, or the great wall) the captcha did not arrive in your browser?

Side note: If you add a special character to a good password, it becomes a better bad password (?)

Nah, in practice it mostly leads to the password being made shorter to make it easier to remember, causing it to be much, much less secure.

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(But not this one)

Maybe, fill in the first name, first!

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