When importing a cad file, model disappears, and the field of view messes up

Hi, I had made a model in sketchup pro 2021 and it suddenly disappeared. I have tried every possible way but nothing is working. After sometime I tried importing an autocad file but as soon as the importing was complete and pressed ok the field of view messed up and now is not being corrected.
Is my model completely deleted? Can someone please help me?


I’m not sure why the angle of view was set so wide. Possible that you were holding Ctrl while zooming?

I was able to get the camera back and set the angle of view to something reasonable. I also fixed the incorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff from the file. I also deleted over 3000 text entities from near the origin.
Screenshot - 8_10_2022 , 2_12_47 PM

Screenshot - 8_10_2022 , 2_13_15 PM
File size reduced by nearly 96%.
Library Final fixed.skp (1.2 MB)

Thank you so much for helping me. Can you also let me know how the view was changed and how you solved it so if I face this issue ever again I could solve it.

I don’t know how the angle of view got changed. I changed by selecting the Zoom tool from the Camera menu and typing the desired angle of view in the Measurements window.

Thank you again.

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