When I try to export my model in a dwg format sketchup hangs

when i try to export my sketchup file in 2d graphic(DWG) fromat. sketchup doesn’t respond.

here’s the linnk for my sketchup file

Depends on a complexityof your model (in your case ~10million edges) , exporting 2d to dwg can take a plenty of time. During this time not responding is a normal behavior.
Go, get your coffee or take a tour in a forest during that time…:wink:

So does it mean after waiting for a while i’ll be having my file?

Yes, most of the time… ( I started to export scene 9, as in your screenshot, I will let you know, how it goes, or did I have the patience to wait long enough… :wink: )

10 million edges, might take overnight.

Is there a reason you are not exporting your file from LayOut? That’s what it’s for and will take significantly less than that exporting from SketchUp…

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~3 hours, good time when you walk in a forest…
harshhj.dwg (9.6 MB)

Interesting. Looks like the same file shared by someone else yesterday in this thread. It has some of the same problems included excess geometry, reversed faces, and lack of grouping of the geometry for the building itself. Here’s a screen shot from your model with the back face color set to purple.

You could reduce the export time for your .dwg file if you’d first clean up the model. And as @TheOnlyAaron suggested, exporting from LayOut would be a better option for 2D .dwg exports.