When I save.. this pops up

Validity Check

I am using Pro 2020

This also pops up… some of my extensions pop up when opening the files

The two screens aren’t related to each other.
The first is a Validity check that shows errors that can often be ignored but are sometimes useful. That pop up comes because you have ‘Automatically check my models for problems’ ticked in Window/Preferences/General

The second screen with all the toolbars suggests to me that you have a permissions issue associated with the way you installed Sketchup.
Find the Installer .exe, probably in your downloads folder, or download a fresh copy from The Downloads Page.
Once you have it, select it and right click and choose Run as Admin from the context menu. Follow the prompts and choose repair when given the option.
This should repair your installation and make your toolbars stay where you put them. It won’t wipe out extensions or shortcuts.

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I went to the downloads page and chose Pro 2020.1.1. I get this error. Also I forgot to say the the program shut down about every 20 min or so.


Thanks so much for your help!

Do not try to run the installation directly from the download link.
Get the exe file saved into your Downloads folder and select its icon, right-click > context-menu and ‘Run as administrator’…

Before doing that, ensure that all instances of SketchUp [and its associated Layout etc] are closed before attempting to install [repair] using ‘Run as administrator’…
Look in your Task Manager dialog [use expand-all view] - sometimes its sketchup_webhelper.exe is left running when SketchUp itself is closed - which is itself probably as a result of an earlier incorrect installation !
Rebooting your PC will close everything but you should be able to do it manually as explained…

Thanks so much!
I did what you said, and the extensions do not pop up in the way each time I open the models.

But I still get the error Validity check message and the program shuts down often… I am loosing a lot of work time.

When I get the bug splat notice, I can not find a number to send to tech support.

A validity-check report is not a BugSplat, so there’s no dialog to send it in…
Does this validity-check report message occur with ever model or just one ?
From your first post it looks like something is corrupted in your model [or perhaps even in the template used to create new models?].
If you use Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused…, the > Fix Issues… does that improve things ?
The initial dialog you posted suggests that there’s a faulty Material that needs fixing [invalid name?]… but some issues couldn’t be fixed…
You only showed the start of the report, and that seems to be getting fixed but erasing the flaky material, so perhaps something listed later is the culprit - you haven’t shown us that…

If what’s been suggested doesn’t help and it’s one particular model then you could copy/paste everything into new ‘empty’ model, thereby sidestepping this faulty material’s details ??

I was asking about the bug splat number as the tech support wants it… but I can not find it.

Half of the time I get a bug splat… the other it just crashes. When the file is saved, the validity check appears. Some times I get a read only error when opening the files.

I will do your fixes and see what happens.

read only

Where is “Model info”?

The Model Info is in the SketchUp > Window menu - there’s also a toolbar button - this is basic SketchUp use…

You are conflating several separate issues…

The error message about a SKP already being open & thereby locked means that you already have that SKP open ??

I see ‘OneDrive’ is the SKP’s path…
So are you working on files that are not resident on your computer’s disk, but are somehow synced off to an external network or ‘cloud’ ?
This can cause issues… it’s recommended that you always work on a local version of your model - when appropriate copy it externally to somewhere else… when you need to work on it again ensure it’s the local version you are changing.
The lags in networks and the cloud etc, can really mess up your SKP saving…

When you get a BugSplat, then a dialog opens - that’s where you submit a report, with email details etc…
But a well set up SketchUp should only get BugSplats very rarely…

I think it worked!! I do not get the VC and it has not crashed… It was the ONEDRIVE!


It started to crash and bug splat again.