When I import my Collada.dae file into SketchUp, the scale doesn't make sense at all


I have read up a few other topics, and none of the solutions helped so far. I imported a Collada file of a simple polygon from QGIS using a plugin qgis2threejs and the scale is all wrong. The height of the building is supposed to be around 13.1 m but on Sketchup using the measuring tool it ends up being around 0.68 m. I first thought the Collada file is importing it in inches or feet, but none of the conversions make sense.

Is there a solution to my problem?


You should contact the author of qgis2threejs and see if they have some suggestion for you. Very likely the problem is the export settings you’re using. You might also have a read here.


That might be a good idea thank you