When I export from SketchUp web image is black

i starting to use sketchup for web because i have linux.
when i export an image, the immage is saved but or is black or squared (transparent stile)
how i can fix this for use correctly?

This is a problem with WebGL or graphics support of your browser, your graphics driver or your graphics card.

  • You could try solving the problem.
    • What browser (and version) do you use? Is the browser up-to-date?
    • What graphics chip/card do you use?
    • What distribution do you use? If the distribution is not current, it may have an outdated graphics stack. Maybe the problem does not occur when updating to the latest long-term support version of your distribution. You can also find on the NVidia/AMD/Intel website more up-to-date drivers to override the distribution-provided one.
  • You could try to circumvent the problem:
    • Does it work in another, up-to-date browser?
  • You could take a screenshot, e.g. with PrintShift and select the region of the drawing on the screen.

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