When file is opened, no drawing is shown

Drawing, that is not shown


When I try to open my drawing, it shows only blank space. It seems like file is opened, but shows no drawing…

I add my drawing link in dropbox. Can anyone take a look?


I can’t even open it, bugsplat before I can do anything

What bugsplat means?

Same here. BugSplat while trying to open. So something is seriously broken in the file.

BugSplat is the utility SketchUp uses to catch technical data about a crash and report it back to the developers at Trimble. A follow-up dialog should open after a crash, asking you to provide a description of what you were doing and contact information so that the developers can get back to you with a specific analysis of the crash.

It bugsplatts in 2019 but opens in 2018 for me.
Once open it is empty, but has some 250 or so materials. Nothing else.

Is there a possibility to recover drawings inside the file?

After 2019 crashed ( Crash Report #5875), I tried both 2018 and 2017 and got the same results as @Box reported: 282 unused materials but no other model content. The materials show in the Materials window as mainly simple colors - very few seem to have associated texture images - which makes it puzzling why the file is so large (over 72MB). The file also contains a preview thumbnail image, which proves it once had model content.

I wonder if there is a defect in the file that causes the older versions to silently fail to load anything but the materials but causes 2019 to crash… Maybe the Trimble guys can tell. The file format is proprietary, so only they can analyze the file to see whether the contents can be recovered.

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Is there a slim change, they will see this post? Or should I try knock`in to the heavens door? :slight_smile:

There is a chance - that’s why I included the crash report number in my post and referenced this topic in the BugSplat I submitted.

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