When EXTRUDE is performed, a transparent body is created without the ability to paint

I have a profile section . The general size is 44 x 44 cm, where the width of the section of the profile is 1 cm.

The problem is that when you extrude the surface it becomes transparent and you can’t paint it .

What caused it and how can it be treated?

Attached is a screenshot before and after the Extrude

Thank you very much

Unfortunately you didn’t… but even better if you also share your model.

What is the "extrude " exactly means?
Which tool are you using: Push/Pull or Follow Me or Extension (plugin)?

simple Push/Pull !

I am tryng to upload a JPG but I get a system error masage

Do you have a screenshot of that message? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :peace_symbol:

Normally you just need to drag and drop the file into a field where you are typing to post you answer…

There is still an error message when I try to upload the screenshot.
I tried to just push/pull on something else and saw that a body was created with shading and it seems to me that the file is probably damaged.
I opened a new file and transferred the previous file to it in the Import operation and now everything is fine
Thank you very much for trying to help
Really appreciate it

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