When did Nudge sneak in?

Currently running 2020 Pro ver 20.1.235 with ALL extensions disabled in an attempt to figure out where this feature snuck into the right click context menu. I notice that the nudge feature has a settings menu.

I’m guessing you haven’t disabled all extensions since Edit in Place comes from an extension. I’m not seeing Nudge anything in the context menu here.

I will find it. So far I noticed all extensions in the Extension manager would not stay disabled when setting the flag to disable. This is even after a PC restart. Next I renamed the plugins folder to have a record of every thing in it. Now I am installing in batches to see when it reappears. More later.

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I have found a couple extensions that do no honor my request to disable them…

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I did a search for ‘Nudge’ in the EW and SCF and didn’t find that one.

You don’t have a mean face to show them, though, Aaron. They aren’t afraid of you. :smiley:

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Seems like I remember someone trowing together a little RB for that… cannot remember who, though…

Alas… :blush:

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Yeah. Vague recollection but no idea who did it.


If you have SketchUcation plugin installed, use it to disable/enable plugins/extensions
will work, even if Window > Extension Manager does not disable them.

Thanks, I never thought it would be with Podium, currently on free trial and have not fully explored it.

I will explore that next.