When Creating Labels, Univers Defaults to "Anchor Top"

When I create Labels using Univers, specifically 57 and 67, the leader text box automatically defaults to “Anchor Top” and does not allow me to change it to “Anchor Center.” (See attached image.) I don’t have any issues with the Text Box, just Labels.


I would change to another font, but Univers is the company standard so I am trying to make it work. Any suggestions?

(Using LayOut 2018 on macOS High Sierra)

What happens to the text if you explode the label? I’m not suggesting that exploding the label is the solution but I’m wondering what happens. After exploding, make the text box taller. I’m also curious, since I haven’t got the fonts you are using, how those fonts compare to other fonts. Can you make a single text box with the same word in Univers and another font to compare how the glyphs sit in the text box?

It looks to me as if the glyphs sit high and the text box isn’t tall enough to allow the change in anchor show.

Below is an image of the Label exploded with the Text Box stretched to various heights. Once exploded I have the option to “Anchor Center,” but the text is still not truly centered as it is sitting a little bit higher than it should.


I have only experienced this problem with Univers and Univers Next Pro.

It looks to me from your last screen shot that the glyphs in that font do run high or they don’t have enough spacing at the top. Notice how the text in the center box is higher than center. The fact that it is different with this font than other fonts would make me look at the font. I suppose you could edit the glyphs in a font editor and give them more spacing. Or you could add a small blank line above the text in the text box. Start with a couple of spaces and a carriage return. Then resize only the top line to maybe 4pt.

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Thanks! I did the carriage return with a few spaces and set the size to 2pt. That centered it nicely, but right when I deselected the Label Text the text jumped down. (Both images below show the spaces set to 2pt highlighted. The first image shows the text when selected and the second image shows the text after I deselected.) I may look into this further if I am unable to adjust the font.

You might find it interesting to edit fonts. Maybe even make your own. :wink:

I’ll see what I can pull off. Thanks again for the suggestion Dave!

I have noticed that Univers exhibits similar behaviors in Keynote. For example, Helvetica will be truly centered in a text box (Anchor Center) while Univers will be a little above that center. So it is definitely a font problem, not a Layout problem.

Until I get a workaround, I will be creating a new Scrapbook with custom made Labels formatted to look centered. Not the easiest thing to work with, but should get me where I need to go for now.

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Where did you get the font? Is it the original or a clone? It is an almost as well known font as Helvetica so I would guess that at least Linotype/Monotype has avoided downright errors.

I agree, Anssi. That is what makes it so strange. I wouldn’t expect issues like this with a font like Univers.

Univers is one of the main standard fonts used by the company, so I would assume what I have on my computer is legit. If I find out otherwise I’ll post an update.

I just did a one hour trial of “Univers by Linotype” from Fonts.com as a quick test. The problem still exists, so the issue is not a result of an illegitimate font file.

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