What's your secret for reviewing other people's models?

Due to computer arithmetic, perfection can’t be assured, which is why I think this feature was ill-conceived in the first place. It gives a false sense of correctness in some situations that are out of SketchUp tolerance for other operations such as forming faces or creating a hole with pushpull.

‘Color by axis’ should meanly be used when creating new geometry. It helps you in seeing where you go. It helps. But relying on this setting to review a(n un-)known model can lead to misinterpretation that edges are indeed on axis. Maybe its tolerance should be lowered to very very very low when checking coordinates according to the systems axes. This can be done in the systems axes environment. But as soon as you apply other drawing axes there needs to be some tolerance.
99.99…% of vertices (or edges along axes) can only be on axis in one drawing axes system but not at the same time in a skewed axes system.

Well I guess we maybe agree to disagree a little…

If the software purports a line to be parallel with an axis… then that is what it should be… near enough is not good enough…

I have the same issue with the rectangle tool, sometimes not creating rectangles… as was discussed in another post… it is just wrong!

and undermines my confidence in the software

If it does not do what it says and users understand, then it should either be removed or or the limitations clearly documented and disseminated… not to be stumbled on by paying users

I don’t review other peoples models unless they ask me too. I have too much work to do than to be meddling in other peoples work :slight_smile:

If you are reading the forum, they (we) are asking you (too). :wink:

As my favorite university math teacher said:
Everyone has time for what they choose to have time for.


“Everyone has time for what they choose to have time for.”

There is your answer :slight_smile:

it’a not a guarantee but it quickly points out the truly bad actors. You can even get edges that are black in Color by axis, which still pretend to be aligned.

gsharp, thank you. I have experienced those difficulties with the Rectangle Tool, but never knew it was a known bug (feature) or heard anyone else acknowledge it.

Yes, I only recently came across this issue and annoyed that it is not officially disseminated by the software developer… I accept that sometimes software can have limitations… but to possibly sit on a known problem and not tell your users is irresponsible, if not negligent!

Sketchup Help on Rectangle Tool

Now I find out by word of mouth thru the forum that you cannot always rely on the “Color by Axis” style to always show edges parallel to those axis…

Dimensional sloppiness may not concern some users but it can have major legal and cost implications in architecture !