What's up with the Zoom Out icon?


Generally, web pages display a neutral, arrow-shaped icon for the mouse pointer over parts of the page that don’t have some overriding mouse-over behavior. But it seems that our Discourse pages display a Magnifying Glass with Minus Sign icon while passing or hovering over non-active parts of the page, and it doesn’t act as a Zoom Out button, either. I’m using Chrome with Win 7. Was some style created that turned that on? Was it deliberate?



Hi Gully,

I only see the Magnifying Glass with Minus Sign icon when I open an attached image.
The odd part is the tooltip says it’s to Close not Zoom Out
My cursor is an ordinary arrow over inactive areas of the page.
Chrome on Win 8.1



Awk! Now it’s fixed. Also, that dumb translator thing got turned back off at some point. It’s not putting up weird offers to let me improve on the translation anymore and blocking command buttons, which was definitely getting tedious. It’s like they reacted to the complaints and fixed the page issues but never acknowledged them. Now I’ll bet they’ll deny everything.