What's the best way?

What’s the best way to move a component to my face point touched?
view.pick_helper or inputpoint?

Like this:
I’m trying to move the arrow until where i’ve clicked.
When i click at this face, the circled arrow should be moved until there.

I would use InputPoint and check that the tooltip == “on Face”.

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I’m trying to do, but my arrow is moving and don’t “looking” for where i’ve clicked.
I need to keep the top position, and move my bottom arrow position.

Like this:
It’s my initial stage.

What i want after to click at the face:

Whats’s happening:

It would help if you can share your test model and your code. It looks like you are moving the entire arrow and shaft whereas you really want to move only the arrowhead end.

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movement.rb (2.3 KB)
movement_arrow.skp (584.6 KB)

You are translating the entire arrow component to the side, which affects all parts of it, not just the bottom end (it also affects the hidden enscape spotlight). You need a more complicated transformation or perhaps to erase the arrow and redraw it between the top point and the target point on the wall.

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In the first case: how could i mantain the arrow top position fixed?

In the second case:
But if, i generate another arrow between the original point and the target point, will no rotate the Enscape Light together. Or i’m wrong?