What's the best way to search for a command when creating Shortcuts?

Hey Guys,

I’m a big proponent of keyboard shortcuts, primarily because I learned SketchUp on a laptop with a trackpad. So I use shortcuts more than I use the toolbars.

I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do this though. When adding a shortcut, sometimes I can search for it and boom it’ll show up and I can add a shortcut to it. And other times I can search for the same command and it won’t appear anywhere. I can’t even find it on the list if I manually scroll.

An example of this would be “Flip Along Red Axis”. I did this recently and searched for it, and easily added a “Shift+Right Arrow” shortcut to the menu. Unfortunately SketchUp didn’t save that to the registry so I have to input it again.

Although this time it’s not anywhere to be found.

Any ideas?



Certain commands are only available in the shortcut list when you have a situation that enables them.
For example, Flip along is a Context menu item so you need to have something selected for it to appear in the list.


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