Whats happened to the download filenames?

I’ve noticed recently that the filenames for downloaded skp files from the forum change from what the uploader called them to a series of nonsense numbers. I find this very confusing and annoying at the same time to try and locate a file on my downloads list. I’m sure others don’t agree with this somewhat weird behaviour too.

The whole point of giving a file a name is to make it identifiable, I’d rather it be kept the same, especially if you wish to re-upload a file, it only makes sense to change it back to what the uploader named it in the first instance! (sigh)

For example "Double import.skp"
Changes to “44aad6f5217ce7228d5ec8b02e8b09ec2c59c724.skp”


It’s the SHA hash of the original filename, which is evidently their database key for storing the file. But why it is suddenly leaking out as the name of your download only discourse knows!


Is it @sam we need to nudge for an answer to this.

I believe @zogstrip has been investigating something here. He will update this topic.

Can you repro the issue on this topic in a demo post?

I think this is the exact same issue: https://meta.discourse.org/t/upload-file-name-not-kept-on-download/71184

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Here is a screen shot of files downloaded from this forum as an example. None of these files were given those names by the users who uploaded them.

Thanks for the reply, the issue is as DaveR shows above. I’ll try to do an example later if I can get to a computer.

I’ll refer to post no.15 of the thread I first mentioned in this topic

Here’s the behaviour:

Similar to DaveR, here’s my downloads showing the issue, all the highlighted came from this forum and had different names initially. I had deleted lots already to avoid the confusion. Note there is also a .DWG file showing the behaviour too:

Changed filenames

Lastly, here’s a .SKP file for any testing if needed The name changer.skp (173.7 KB)


Here’s the name suggestion I get when starting to download your model:

@Anssi Thanks, yes the same here too.

Sorry about that. The fix is being deployed and should be done within 5-10 minutes.

Thank you very much, to everyone for their input on this.
It’s working ok on my phone, for new .skp files that I haven’t tried already with it.
Although “the name changer” listed above still exhibits the issue?

Anyone wanna do a few tests?

@zogstrip, still not working here, i.e. still SHA sum…

we also have the text files opening in new window issue…


New skp to test…
The name changer 2.skp (190.1 KB)

EDIT Works fine for me with this one, maybe its files in the problem time frame that are still showing the issue.

I just randomly, had another go with this and now get both the name changer files above reporting correct download names.

To confirm:
The name changer. Skp- now stays the same
The name changer 2. Skp- stays same as my previous post.

It would help if anyone would do a few tests and share what you get I think we’re getting close to a solution.

I noticed yesterday that my downloads were retaining their correct names.

Thanks, I had it working, but only for newer uploads. It seems to be good now.

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