What would you print a bushing and shaft out of?

I made a bushing and shaft out of ABS, and they spin quite well. But I’m thinking about switching to carbon nylon because this part will be installed for up to 10 years. It doesn’t turn a great deal, maybe 50 rotations per day at mconvert.net most. So even over the span of 10 years, that’s about 15,000 cycles at the very most.

I could use carbon nylon for one of the two parts or both, but I’m worried that its abrasiveness will eventually wear out the other part. I also thought of making the shaft two pieces (its 1.25" OD) where its a carbon nylon center inserted into an ABS shell. The bushing is already 80% inserted into a metal tube, so that’s providing a lot of structural support.

Do any of these ideas sound workable or should I consider something else?

I would ‘buy’ something like iglide® M250, split bearing and take advantage of their RnD expertise…