What would you like to see modeled?


I don’t think I voted, and it’s not likely someone else on my behalf. The hide-results button is gray and inactive for me.


Is that better?


You need an ‘Other’ or don’t give a etc


Yes! Thanks, I voted just now.


The Mars lander could be done in half a hour or so…:thinking:


DeLorean please!


As ever, it starts with a simple block:

What about creating a template for this system, and build the logo:


I voted for Millennium Falcon with the hope you’ll introduce into that modeling workflow a terrain as background, like in this picture from the trailer. For creating the terrain, of course, the textured part as well (UVmapping). :wink:
Thanks in advance, Aaron!


What is the correct Twich channel?


That’s our neighbouring office, the black gullet!


Also trending:



Woah! Slow things down, man! I don’t want to spend ALL DAY modeling this thing! :wink:


I am planning to remove my last suggestion, when I am confronted with the resemblance:


Ouch! Ok… I will add you to the list of potential models…


Just don’t shave :bearded_person:


DeLoren Time Machine please !


We will be streaming on our channel, SketchUp_Official


I voted for the great hall. Don’t forget the floating candles… It makes it magical.


Thx @TheOnlyAaron. I guess Twitch is new for you? Can you put the link in the title and let people follow you. I will host you when your comming online. If you need help in the channe or mods, let me know. I like to help if you need it :slight_smile:


*edit, nvm just saw it posted above!
cool, what’s your twitch channel?