What will happen if I downgrade plan?

Hi everyone! Question: What happens if i choose to downgrade my plan? I just bought Sketchup Studio few days ago, but my Vray for Sketchup has not been activated yet, and i’m getting frustrated with Sketchup being not responsive about my concerns.
Will my $400 be reimbursed/refunded? Or will it just go to the next year subscription?

Well you have 14 days to change your mind


best should be to contact support directly


this is a public forum, although some users are sketchup employees, most of us aren’t. but support should be able to deal with that, or at least point you in the right direction.


l alerted authorities about this. The Vray part of the problem should be solvable.


hi sir Colin! Thank you for your prompt action. Good thing after 2 days, maám Anthea from Sketchup Support Team gave me instructions that worked out well. It was actually about my Trimble account not synched with my Chaos License Server. I got quite impatient and anxious, though i think within those 2 days Sketchup Support Team was trying to figure it out. Maybe a confirmation receipt/ticket of complaint/concern would help next time so end-users like me would feel that their concern was at least heard, if not resolved yet. Thanks again!