What to Expect in a maintanence release?

Hi iv bought Sketchup 2016 pro and I know its way to early for a service pack for it but I just wanted to know what all usually comes in a service pack release for sketchup like do you have any examples you can give me from the multiple service pack releases for 2015, I.E the new functions and or bug fix.s

and generally when did the first service pack release for 2015 so I can get a generalized idea of when the first one is coming for 2016

Most often SketchUp maintenance releases contain only bug fixes. But there is no commitment to that practice, and Trimble never announces what or when they are planning in advance of release.

See SketchUp Application Release Notes to extrapolate general answers to your questions. (All the fixes for Maintanence Releases and dates of release are given.)

Thank you This is what I was looking for