What to charge client for entire house SU job

Hi, I am relatively new to SU and have done a few jobs for an Interior Designer for kitchens, my cousins house extension and a few other practice jobs, however, I now have a potential job I need to quote on for an entire new house. I am based in Australia so would be grateful if anyone can give me a ball park of what I should charge for this? The client wants a quote for just a basic three dimensional look at the proposed house. So no color or anything fancy, 3 bedroom two story 273.14 sq mts (2,940.05 ft²) total on an elevated bushland slope with a pool. thank you in advance regards Maria

Your hourly rate x estimated time in hours.

You’re describing a 3 day job it sounds like. So about 24 hours at maybe $100 hour. $2400 could be a starting point for an estimate. Maybe more if you build in revisions, etc.