What’s up with SketchUp Make?

Question for you: How does discontinuing the development of SketchUp Make affect your use of SketchUp in your business?



Hello Caroline,

I am deeply disappointed with the new online-based direction that Trimble has taken SketchUp in. I have been a longtime user since I discovered the program in middle school. It has been one of my favorite computer applications. Unfortunately, with these new changes, the program is practically unusable to me. I cannot use SU Make 2017 due to instability issues, so I use the more stable SU Make 2016. I find the online SketchUp Make very unintuitive and cumbersome: no file menu and the fact that files have to be individually uploaded to the online file system/cloud. (This is especially difficult for someone who has over 500 SU files). I am disappointed that 3D Warehouse is no longer supported by SU '16 or '17 and that there is a 50MB upload limit. This makes sharing complex models impossible, especially for those like myself who like to add many details to their models. I always enjoyed uploading my models for other users to view.
With these new changes I can no longer recommend SketchUp to other modeling enthusiasts.
Please consider updating the desktop version of SketchUp and bringing back the old 3D warehouse integrated into the desktop application.
SketchUp on the web has left all of us long-time users in the dust.

Thank you,

Mario D.


Get download of Make 2017 here:

It is disappointing that the desktop version of unpaid sketchup for is being discontinued. Its popularity was riding on the back of user community who contributed to the 3d warehouse addons videos and webpages. On the back of this decision i am moving to open source software, specifically Blender in this case. The 2.8 version has considerable usability improvments. Then any contributions i make will not be worthless or exploited.


Thank you, but I fail to see anything constructive about your comment. Although it does provide some evidence as to whom feels entitled and elitist.

I’ve grown to really love Sketchup. I watch tutorial videos and have seen the full version and wish the web version was a bit more like it…especially the user interface (no file, edit, etc)…especially miss being able to use the extensions as I’ve seen some very useful ones in that that could cut down your work time.

I used Substance and loved their “philosophy” (for lack of a better word). They had a “rent-to-own” program. You could either pay for it all at once (like Sketchup Pro now) or pay $20/month and that money would also go toward owning it/using Pro. If you need to stop payment for a time, what you paid would still be there and apply toward ownership/full usage. While you stopped payment, your full version “rights” (or rather usage of the program in Substance case) would be suspended until you started payment again. They had a “chart” on the payment page telling you that it would take x number of payments to pay it off. For the company it was a monthly payment coming in, too.

PS And many companies like for 3DS Max are just having a monthly subscription.

Just a thought for those of us who can’t come up with the payment all at once (owe on vet bills).

Not a big fan of the web version. Sure you can still us Make if you can put up with the pop up to upgrade all the time. The web version is a step backwards. A planned step backwards to push more people into using the paid version. I am retired and would never buy the paid one, it is to much for what I need.

Having to search for hide and unhide and other not so often tools is ridiculous. No menu bar!?!?!
Putting a tool bar on the right with different icons right away is ridiculous. Why not move it with the old icons and then after everyone gets used to that then change the icons up? There are the help topics above the actual panel and I had clicked on that panel 40 times before someone here told me it’s the actual scenes panel. I thought it was just help topics and didn’t go any further.

Intuitive must not be in Trimble’s design teams vocabulary.

Have you considered turning off the check for update option.


Thank you for your concern and help!
It didn’t matter because Trimble isn’t updating it anymore and it doesn’t work with Mac OS Catalina.

I wanted to make a quick model. I have switched to Fusion 360 but I am not proficient enough yet to warrant a quick little model with a lot of arc’s. But the Sketch Up web version is a nightmare and I don’t know why I bothered at this point. I will just have to bite the bullet and learn Fusion 360 well enough for my purposes. I hope it will be worth it in the long run. I am a woodworker who does it for fun and buying any software for a hobby is superfluous expense I am not willing to endure.

I’m always amazed by people and their hobbies. They spend money on tools, and materials etc but heaven forbid software.
People pay out huge amounts of money to massive corporations that are some of the richest in the world for their computer, but Oh god no I’m not paying for software, why would I want to help the developers of the software I use for my hobby.
Good luck with fusion360.


It’s all relative. I can’t justify $300 per year for software that now only forms a very small part of my hobby. I feel shafted by Trimble, because I committed to learning and teaching Google SU to others, many of whom are now pro designers and may be still using SU professionally. The really good news is that I’ve spent a week with Fusion 360 and it’s no where near as daunting as it first seems - and it’s really powerful! It makes SUPro look like SUMake. The official t tutorials spends much of the time talking about on line collaboration which the hobbyist can ignore . Check out YouTube for easier tutorials


The Free 2017 Make version is still available to anyone who wants it.

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Even though my extensions are primarily targeting the design professionals I have purposely kept them compatible with SU 2017 Make so that they are available for the DIY’ers and other non-professionals for personal projects.


I’ve just upgraded to Mac OS Catalina and continue to be able to use Sketchup 2017 OK - so that route still seems viable. Like you I tried the web version but found it too clunky so am sticking the 2017.

Really? I got the yo can’t use dialog because the 64 bit thing. So I deleted it. No big deal I guess the Web version will have to do in a pinch. I’ve moved on to Fusion and glad I did. I am only using it for Sketch Up models I have done or someone else has in the past that I need. I wonder why yours works and mine doesn’t. I got the same thing on my Laptop and iMac. Both are only 3 year old machines and I had the latest free version.

I agree with mcdreon, although I am a recently started user of only 1 year standing so I don’t have so many models. I wouldn’t have started using it were it not free (or at a small fee) as I thought I only needed it for our house major upgrade project to help my wife see what the plans looked like - little did I know how useful it would be for planning my many woodworking projects in detail! I initially tried the web version but found it non-intuitive and missing some features which I had heard about, such as the 3-D warehouse. I couldn’t justify the licence fee for an up to date desktop version as I am such an occasional user so I downloaded the free desktop version and didn’t look back - I am now somewhat hooked, using it regularly, although it is not essential so I couldn’t only justify a small license fee. The user base would not be as broad as it is were it not for the amazingly feature rich free version - I suspect most users of the free version would be prepared to pay a small license fee and would like to see the desktop retained in the future. But I guess it is a significant overhead to keep ketchup up to date for web and desktops.

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Latest development - I’ve just upgraded my desktop mini Mac and it has fallen foul of the 64-bit thing for various programmes so I am stuffed on that machine. Sharing your pain!

Just correcting an inaccuracy so it isn’t carried along like a Chinese whisper.
The 3D Warehouse is very much available to the free web version.

Thanks for the correction - good catch.

This is really, really stupid. I don’t want to have to rely on an internet connection. I tried the web version. Seems like 80% of the functionality is gone. Can’t see how to export .stl files and, if you’re going to force a learning curve, I’ll go learn Blender.

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