What’s up with SketchUp Make?



I just started drawing it. I wanted to separate the rectangular face that you see going in towards the horizon, and I wanted to separate it at the intersection between this face and the face that crosses it.

There was no point to it, other than trying out the functionality and the features of SketchUp Free. :slight_smile:

Edit: There was an intersection alright, between three planes. But not a “drawn” point, as such.


the only way I can produce the red x symbol is at an intersection with a guide line


I see. But in my scene there was a guiding plane (the light gray area in my pictures). It crosses the two other planes in the scene, acts like a guide, and creates the intersection…

Anyway, I’ve used up my fair share of the available bytes on the servers of the SketchUp forum now, I think. For today, at least. Thanks for chiming in and trying to help out! :slight_smile:


Yes I was going to correct myself in that the red x will also appear at intersections of objects like components or groups. It won’t appear on raw geometry intersections.


This new Free version simply Sucks…Im sorry but it does. I understand you need to make money but there are alot of Warehouse objects, people can use on your paid version that you have as a result of the old MAKE platform. Also, this new free version doesnt use extensions or plug ins…are you kidding me. The base program was severely lacking - hence the plethora of them out there to use.

I love that its a yearly subscription fee also…real nice NOT even a 1 time buy and own. I get that you are trying to model yourself after some of the bigger platforms out there…I only bought several license at my last facility due to the MAKE version work I would tinker with at home.

Other platforms somehow make money even though they have a GOOD free version out there. Blender/Auto CAD/Onshape…and so on. Onshape is parametric and much more advanced than sketchup so I’ll have to begin my transfer of files slowly now. Really disappointed


You can still download make, I just said goodbye this week to my V8 :sob: I’m sure V17 is going to work for a few years.


Has version 8 stopped working for you? I have every version back to 5 installed back home to test my plugins on and I hope SU8 hasn’t stopped work for me to :open_mouth: .


No it was on an old laptop that’s broken. It’s my MBP 17" so the part’s are out of stock, made even harder since there seem to be no Apple stores in Sweden! I will buy a part in from China eventually and try to replace it myself.

If I can be bothered to fix it then it should still be working fine if the HDD is still working.

If not I have lost the installer and text file with the Pro license code on (they are on a USB pen somewhere).

If you have the V8 installer for Mac can you send it to me please :slight_smile: :grin: I found a list of serials in some old emails from 2011 so hopefully one of them is mine and works fingers crossed.


I’ve only horded installers for PC I’m afraid :frowning: . Good luck with the computer!


Oh too bad, well nevermind!


you can download the English version from our SU download archive.




Wow, a whole entire table!


OK, let’s raid the warehouse. Nice router, but here is an example of where the bar really is:

The City, and your subs, will need at a minimum a site and zoning plan, floor plans, framing plans, elevations, sections, 50 to 100 details, and 4 or 5 thousand words of text spread over 25 or 30 ArchD pages. All of it culled from one model.

Desktop Sketchup is more than able to build and successfully handle a model like this. Of course, LayOut fails miserably at the much simpler task of publishing it, but there are “workarounds” that can sort of get the job done.

This is what success looks like for the professional edition of Sketchup, whether desktop- or browser-based. This is where the bar is.


post the skp and I can fix it for you. :slight_smile:


As Sketchup free is for non commercial work, you would naturally be doing all this in Pro anyway.


Of course I only raided the warehouse for the router. Everything else is custom drawn by me.

As Box said, you will of course be using SketchUp Pro for the kind of work you are referring to.


I am sure today’s free version lets you model a nightstand without too much strain. My point was that the web-based Pro, which Trimble is planning to foist upon us, will need to be able to support large, complex models no less brilliantly than the current, desktop Pro does. It will also need the ability to publish them properly. I don’t see that happening inside a browser anytime soon, but I could be wrong.

As it is, LayOut’s uselessness puts a huge dent in Sketchup Pro’s value proposition.




My humble take on this is that Pro will remain available for some time, perhaps years, not because Trimble defers to its users but because browser-based Pro will not adequately serve them and they will refuse to migrate.

Another possibility is that Trimble replace LayOut with competent software. This would make Sketchup and LayOut a potent solution that could credibly compete with entrenched dinosaurs in the architecture and construction industries, “justifying” a price increase in the low thousands.