What’s up with SketchUp Make?



I’ve tried that, and where I even have image traced first while still in illustrator but when I bring it into SUP I can’t create any faces because once I create the edges and then go and click on push/pull my edges go away


Depends. If I am doing something over a CAD file I will bring the base line work in via DWG and try to have it all on a base CAD layer and group it. I then trace over the CAD lines for the walls (shapes) I need. This way I can get rid of the CAD lines and have a cleaner model. We still have LOTS of legacy CAD files that are a bit rough and I don’t like using those as a base file unless I can’t help it. I 1st started doing this back in '05 when I worked for a home developer. We had some older, nasty CAD files that were in poor shape.


Huh, sounds like the lines are not seen as connected in SU? Is this correct?


I sincerely hope your clients only pay a fraction of what you charge, just as you only pay Trimble a fraction of the licenses you require.

There’s nothing preventing you from using SketchUp pro without using the Pro only features. Nothing! SketchUp Pro doesn’t require you to use Solid Tools, use LayOut, create Dynamic Components or export/import DWG and other formats to run on your computer. You can buy a SketchUp Pro license and then just go on working as if it was SketchUp Make.

When you buy a license it’s not these individual features you pay for, it’s the right to use the program commercially. The features are just a little extra topping.


that might be it. I gather I just have to visually inspect, eh


any tricks you might recommend like blow it up large, create paths or whatever to try and find breaks in the edges?


There was a “make face” utility that seemed to help a bit depending on how bad SU interpreted the imported file or how bad the file was depending on the file :wink: Do a search on that and see what you find. Sorry I didn’t have a better solution :frowning:
This pretty much led me to my current work flow. Even on CAD files I drew and knew to be connected there were at times errors. Now I did find that closed polylines worked better than most from CAD but you might have to use a joined path from Illustrator to simulate.


already have the make faces extension. yes, the polyline tool(s) are really good, particularly if you are in good contrast with black and white. I’ll just chug through all this . Thanks though for the suggestions. I’m really looking forward to see what Adobe does with Dimension and After Effects.


fyi, I start out in photoshop and use the magic wand when I need to take other work and start cleaning up, it gives me a good start


Yes Adobe Dimension looks to be off to a good start. Like a less expensive version of KeyShot. I am still on Windows 7 here at work but I do have it at home (I am allowed 2 installs with my Adobe Cloud license). I should get a new Win10 workstation in July and can’t wait to really use it.


I think you’ll like 10 and you will have skipped over all the win 8 UI issues. u can still pretty much create a win 7 like UI if you want, and… get the $50 monthly license from Adobe


Oh I have Win10 at home on all 4 of our PCs and I do love it. I also have the full Adobe Cloud so I am all set :wink:
I have played with Dimension a bit but my quad core AMD cpu with GTX 650 gpu is just about too slow to really use it. :wink:


wow, nice system


LOL I wish it was. It was nice about 7 years ago when I bought it. The fact that it still works says a lot. I did install an SSD which with Windows 10 really made it usable again. I have a 4th gen i7 at work which really works well but we only keep PCs for 4 years and then we replace them. Technology is just a moving target these days.


I’m using a laptop w/o SSD but i’d like one on my next laptop just that I also use OneDrive and folks have been having problems with it all coming together because, I think, OneDrive doesn’t like to start at root but rather within a user


Yeah, exactly. Trimble bought a ticking time bomb, in a sense, when it took over SketchUp.


You can still work it out without .svg if you just want to use Vector especially for Illustration, use PDF and import into Illustrator. Going the other way you just export as dxf/dwg. : https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/sketchup/uploads/default/original/3X/f/9/f9146aa3dc8635f720216a02bf1c479df1a7972f.jpg

Edit: I almost exclusively use Sketchup for illustration rather than Arch Viz, and although this is not my workflow it does work fine.


To add to this, InkScape can be used too if you don’t have Illustrator. You then need to export to dxf in Inkscape and import that into SU as InkScape has no DWG support.


to RTCool

Not exactly. It was just a byproduct what they used to complete Google Earth project…Google was never interested in getting into CAD`s competitive environment. So when they finished with their projects they sold and. They have so much more interesting things going on!


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