What is yout recommended way of getting a continues Linde?

SU 17, Win 10…SU_Help.skp (75.3 KB)

You might try Drawing Basics


This is basic stuff…

I expect you mean a ‘continuous line’ ??
Do you mean you want each of the lines to meet with its neighbor at each vertex ?
There’s a visible gap at at least one vertex.

Switch OFF length-snapping in Model-Info > Units, it could be making things worse.
Also watch the tool-tips as you model - if it says something like ‘end of line’, then you know that point will be used when you left-click…
You can also use the Move tool - with nothing preselected and click the end of one ‘un-joined’ line and drag it so its vertex snaps onto the other line’s end-vertex.

BUT, if you actually want to connect those edges into one ‘curve’ [which then selects with one click and produces a smooth extrusion with FollowMe - like an Arc might - then provided they have common vertices there are several ‘weld’ tools to help you do that…

What’s a Linde?

As first sight it looks German given the capitalization and the word itself - but I don’t think he meant a lime-tree !
The OP is of course notorious for his cryptic posts and odd phraseology - I suspect that English is not his first language ?
As I suggested…
‘continues’ == ‘continuous’
‘Linde’ == ‘line’

The German word for ‘line’ is ‘Linie’… OR because the D-key is near the E-key both keys could have been pressed accidentally ?

As ever the OP raises more questions that he intended :grin:

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The OP has proven in the past that he is capable of writing coherently in English. He’s been asked repeatedly to write so we don’t have to guess at what he is asking. He’s even been temporarily suspended because of his refusal to make readable posts. Despite the requests and the suspension he continues to make his cryptic posts expecting the rest of us to work at deciphering what he wants. I believe he is being intentionally obtuse and delights in making it difficult for others to give him assistance.

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@DaveR I must disagree.
I see no deliberate intension, it just looks like plain stupidity and laziness ! :roll_eyes:

Maybe you’re right. Stupidity, laziness and, I’ll add, rudeness to expect others to spend their time deciphering what he wants.

My advice (which I will follow after this post): ignore him until/unless he makes coherent posts. If he doesn’t get what he wants (who knows what proportion is support vs provocation), he will eventually either reform or go away. “Don’t feed the Trolls”.


To be fair this question was much more clear than the previous ones. It makes up an actual sentence. I just struggle to understand what it means.

Here’s another possible solution to OP’s question:


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