What is 'view fog planes' about?

Can anyone tell me what is ‘view fog planes’ about? It is a menu option under camera and produces weird faces in the model which obscure the model. When turned on they don’t seem to be turn off-able. I guess they have something to do with fog but if you can’t turn them off it is a bit of a nuisance.

Can you show us a screenshot of this Item, not one I’m aware of.
Perhaps part of a plugin.

You can disable the extension.

the menu item is second from the bottom below ‘View Camera’.

After clicking on it Stacy (the lady by the origin point) gets obscured by these huge faces. There are also some construction lines added to the model.

What extension?

I am on a Mac so things will look different. However, I can find no equivalent to fog planes. I see you also have Set Fog Planes as an option. It does sound like it is not a native feature.


I did some more research and I think it is ThomThom’s Camera Tools extension. It is for professional film makers. That is the issue resolved. Thank you everyone for your replies.
You can see a tutorial here Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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