What is this called?


I would like to copy this rolled edge thingy in SketchUp, but I don’t know what it’s actually called to be able to find a guide or something.


Here’s some guides to making two types of rolled edge thingies:

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I don’t see any video/animation?

In the email notification I received, the links to the videos were included:



By the way, the second video helped a lot. Thanks!

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I’ve tried to watch those videos with Chrome browser and I only see this:

I’ve tried with Internet Explorer and it worked, which format are they?

They’re mp4.

I sometimes have to reload the page … then the videos show up.

Another way…

This bottom version is much more for future use to make things . . I saved the video for learning later on !

I personally find that the mp4 format (that is, if you can see it and if it plays, of course), allows you to stop the video, back up, etc., to more easily see some step or other detail without waiting through the whole thing again (like an animated GIF). You can also save it to your computer for future reference or upload it to YouTube.

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The videos didn’t display, but upon reload, it really did show up. Strange how these things work.

And I agree with you on the mp4 format which allows more options and are more versatile. What recording software are you using, and are file sizes much larger than GIFs?

So many people like you on this forum are selflessly trying to help, if you are slow, you might be behind someone who is generating same thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

@jimhami42 I personally prefer gifs as I know it will be short and I don’t have click and wait for it to load and will it have horrible music etc etc
Gifs can easily be downloaded, right click and ‘Save Image as’, they can then be converted quickly into MP4 if you want with a page like gif-2-mp4.com
But as long as the info is there, all is good no matter what method is used.